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Apneal : a medical grade, smartphone-only,  first-line sleep assessment

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We believe the smartphone is the medical device of the future.

Apneal proposes to address the sleep challenge by providing a user-friendly, rapid and reliable OSA screening deployable on most smartphones available today with the ambition to become a reimbursed, routine first line sleep assessment tool for the global population.

EIT Health's Flagship program stakes

To support our first steps toward this vision, we have built a consortium of companies that will offer their time and expertise with EIT health Flagship. Its main objectives are



Bring Apneal to market as a class IIa software medical device.



Articulate strategy and build up necessary clinical and medico-economic data to get reimbursement in European countries.


Patient and physician - centric design

Make sure the final Apneal solution is patient- and physician- friendly and seamlessly integrated in European countries' healthcare systems.

Apneal Solution

Smartphone only, AI based sleep apnea screening tool

Innovative Screening Approach

Apneal provides a cost-effective and innovative sleep apnoea screening tool, leveraging AI technology. Using a smartphone taped to pyjamas overnight, it offers a simple yet effective solution for sleep apnoea screening without the need for additional hardware.

Advanced Data Analysis

By recording chest movements, heartbeats, and breathing sounds with the smartphone's sensors, Apneal's advanced AI algorithms accurately detect cardio-respiratory events and calculate the Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI), guiding the next steps for either ruling out or confirming Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA).

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Diagnostic performance level

Apneal stands out by eliminating the need for external hardware, relying solely on a patient's smartphone. This approach is not only more affordable but also matches the performance of other more hardware-intensive solutions used for diagnosing sleep apnoea.

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Enhancing Patient Experience and Accessibility

Apneal empowers patients to conduct OSA tests from home, an ideal solution for those remote from sleep clinics or with mobility constraints. It facilitates timely medical support and treatment, and includes a unique feature where patients can listen to recordings of their sleep disturbances, fostering engagement with their medical care.

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