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Healthier Europe 2030

EIT Health, a european program for health

Uniting experts and partners to tackle major health challenges and improve lives. By 2030, EIT Health aims to be the driving force for healthier lives and sustainable healthcare systems in Europe. EIT Health is committed to transforming healthcare delivery, with a focus on better health, a competitive health economy, and sustainable systems.

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EIT Health Consortium

A collaborative network of distinguished professionals and organizations dedicated to make sleep apnea screening a breeze. Our consortium represents a unique convergence of expertise, innovation, and shared vision

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Air Liquide Healthcare

Air Liquide Healthcare is a world leader of home healthcare services supporting 1 Million patients with their sleep apnea treatment in 25 countries. Committed to working daily alongside healthcare professionals, Air Liquide healthcare aims at providing innovative services that enhance patients’ health and quality of life. In the project, Air Liquide Healthcare provides the field expertise of local networks and contributes to market assessment, market access and disease awareness in different countries.

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Consortium leader, startup with an international team, having responsibility for product development (web / mobile), data science, QMS / PRRC implementation and Marketing / Communication

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Bichat hospital

Sleep Centre of Bichat in Paris will deploy the study under investigation of Dr. Justine Frija Masson, Principal Investigator of the study.

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The CHU d'Angers Sleep Medicine Center is a pioneer in OSA treatment and research. It boasts a multidisciplinary team capable of treating a wide range of sleep disorders. Research is organized around a large prospective cohort and trials, enabling innovation in the diagnosis and treatment of OSA.

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CHU Bordeaux will deploy the study under investigation of Pr. Jean-Arthur Micoulaud

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Digital Medical Hub (DMH)

Consulting company with expertise in designing clinical studies, obtaining ethics approval, and managing follow-up processes, as well as in developing market access and pricing & reimbursement (P&R) strategies. This company will also play a crucial role in the statistical analysis of the study.

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Ethik IA

They will support product development to ensure compliance with the upcoming AI Act framework, which will be chained with medical device CE marking. This support will include ethical and legal audit, the definition of supervision models involving relevant stakeholders to ensure that the solution is monitored throughout its lifecycle and in continuous improvement

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Health Proof Helsinki

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is involved in the preparation of educational materials to support project deployment in primary care.

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Henri Mondor Hospital

Henri Mondor Hospital, in Créteil, will deploy the study in their sleep centre under investigation of Dr. Ala Covali

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Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre

Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre , in Madrid, will deploy the study in their sleep centre under investigation of Dr M Trinidad Diaz-Cambriles

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Hospital Universitario de Getafe

Hospital Universitario de Getafe, will deploy the study in their sleep centre under investigation of Dr. Araceli Abad

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Inserm is the only public research organization in France entirely dedicated to health. Their objective : to promote the health of all by advancing knowledge on living organisms and their diseases, and by developing innovation. Inserm is the sponsor of the clinical validation investigation and they will deploy the study in several sleep centres and countries while guaranteeing data quality, respect of regulatory texts and protection of research participants throughout the study.

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La Charité hospital

Sleep Centre of La Charité, in Germany, will deploy the study under investigation of Prof. Thomas Penzel.

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A Living Lab specialising in co-creation, experimentation and socio-anthropological evaluation of technologies and services. They’ll be involved in the realisation of acceptability interviews, product conception and usability testing. Their qualitative approach understanding the point of view of every stakeholders in the real settings of their daily life of professional practices are key for this project.

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Product Life Group (PLG)

A life science service provider operating in 130 countries within the field of regulatory affairs, safety and vigilance, quality, and healthcare product development. PLG will be responsible to support Apneal on regulatory issues and preparing audits.

Towards the Apneal launch

Project timeline

The program has a very ambitious timeline, gears towards launching Apneal in the first European markets in the coming months.